Awards Nominations process

Awards to be presented May 2, 2014 at BCLA AGM


2014 BCLA Awards Committee members

June Stockdale, Past President, BCLA (chair)
Daniela Esparo
Tamarack Hockin
Kate Sloan
Gwen Bird, BCLA President, 2013-2014 (ex officio)
Annette DeFaveri, Executive Director (ex officio)

The ALPS / YAACS / BCCATS awards are administered directly by each group - please see below.

Personal Awards:

Nominations will be accepted from any BCLA member in good standing.

Nominations are due by April 3, 2014.  Please see instructions below.

Applications for awards other than the Merit awards (which have special application forms) should include:

  1. Name of the nominee with contact information
  2. Name of the person submitting nomination and contact information
  3. Detailed rationale describing why your nominee is the best person for the award.
  4. Any supporting material you think necessary or helpful.

Nominees (exclusive of the Keith Sacré Library Champion Award) must also be members in good standing of the Association.

Email nominations to: June Stockdale c/o [email protected] by April 3, 2014.

Please indicate name of the award in the email subject line. For example:

"Achievement in Library Service Award nomination"

For Merit Awards: Please also complete the appropriate attachment

2014 BCLA Award Nominations

BCLA Awards

Helen Gordon Stewart Award

This award is given to recognize an outstanding career in librarianship involving visible or readily identifiable achievements that bring honour to the entire profession. A nominee must be a resident of BC during the period of accomplishment leading to the honour. The award consists of a plaque and honorary life membership in the Association.

Honourary Life Membership

Honorary Life Memberships are conferred upon members of the Association at or within five years of normal retirement age. Individuals must have made substantial and recognizable long standing contributions to BCLA and to library service in the province. The award consists of a plaque and honourary life membership in the Association.

Achievement in Library Service

This award recognizes an individual who has made a substantial contribution to librarianship in British Columbia and has moved library service forward in the province over a period of more than one year. The person may have planned and implemented an exemplary library program, actively promoted libraries and librarianship, or served the profession and the field in a distinguished manner. A plaque is presented to the recipient.

Keith Sacré Library Champion Award

This award will be presented to an individual, organization or business who/that has a record of support of libraries, literacy, public access to information and the overall aims and objectives of libraries. The award is intended for non-library personnel. This award will be made each year. More than one award may be awarded. Winner must have a demonstrated record of support for libraries and/or library aims and objectives that is regional or provincial in scope. Support is defined as

  • significant financial support or,
  • in-kind contribution or,
  • library advocacy in the public arena.

The award will consist of a plaque. BCLA will also commit to publicizing the award with the BC and/or national media to bring attention to the individual/organization's contribution to their community and libraries in particular. The winner will be invited to the BCLA awards presentation.

BCLA President's Award

The President's Award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the British Columbia Library Association. Recipients are selected annually by the current BCLA President and are recognized for their tireless efforts on behalf of BCLA and the library community at large.


Merit Awards:

These institutional awards recognize outstanding achievement during the preceding year in one of these three categories:

1. Programs or Services: this may be a new or an on-going service, a special event or a series of events, or a special project. Application form (word)(pdf)

2. Building Projects: this may be either a new building or a substantial renovation of facilities completed since January, 2013. Application form (word)(pdf)

3. Advocacy or Marketing: this may be a new or ongoing advocacy or marketing program, a special event or series of events with a focus on advocacy or marketing, or a special advocacy or marketing project. Application form (word)(pdf)

All types of libraries are eligible for the above awards. Normally, one award is given in each category. A plaque is presented to the recipient.

Other Awards:

Academic Librarians in Public Service Award for Outstanding Service

Please note: this award is administered by the ALPS section of the British Columbia Library Association.

Established in 2002, the Academic Librarians in Public Service (ALPS) Award for Outstanding Service is presented to an academic public service librarian, or team of same, whose outstanding service has made a real difference to students, faculty, or colleagues in British Columbia.

The award will be presented at this year's BCLA AGM on May 2nd, 2014. 

ALPS will also publicize the award winner in appropriate media and in a letter to the award winner's institution. 

For further details on the nomination process, and to download the nomination form, please see: (Extended to Friday, March 7th, 2014)


Young Adult and Children’s Services Section Award

Please note: this award is administered by the YAACS section of the British Columbia Library Association.

The Young Adult and Children's Services Section's established the YAACS Award in 2012 to recognize exceptional service in the area of children's or teen librarianship in British Columbia.  The Young Adult and Children's Services Award invites nominations of librarians, library technicians, teacher-librarians and others who have, as individuals or teams, demonstrated exceptional dedication in such areas as:

  • Commitment to quality service to children, teens, caregivers and supporting organizations
  • Collaboration and partnerships with their community
  • Promotion of family literacy
  • Innovation and creativity applied to the benefit of young people

Nominations may be sent to the YAACS Award Committee at [email protected] 

Individual nominees or institutions (in the case of a team nomination) are required to be  BCLA members.  The revised nomination form is available here in .docx format with the deadline of Friday, February 28, 2014.

BCCATS Technical Services Award

Please note: this award is administered by the BCCATS Interest Group of the British Columbia Library Association.

The BCCATS Technical Services Award recognizes an individual or unit working in technical services that have demonstrated excellence and/or made a difference to users and colleagues in British Columbia in the area of Technical services.  Please see for a link to the nomination form.

2014 BCLA Continuing Education Awards - nominations have now closed.

BCLA members are invited to apply to the Awards Committee for the following Continuing Education Awards.

Please write a brief letter stating which award you are seeking and why you have applied for support. Send all letters of application for the Continuing Education Awards to BCLA Executive Director Annette DeFaveri c/o [email protected] - applications must be received by Feb. 10, 2014.

Please indicate the name of the award in the subject line of your email.

Ken Haycock Student Conference Award

Applications are now being accepted for the annual Ken Haycock Student Conference Award for the 2014 BC Library Conference.

The Ken Haycock Student Conference Award is named in honour of Ken Haycock who is a luminary in the provincial and national library sector. Among other notable achievements Ken served as Professor and Director at UBC SLAIS,  as Coordinator of the Executive MLIS Program and Center for Information Research & Innovation at San Jose State University, and is Research Professor of Management and Organization at the University of Southern California. Ken is the Senior Partner at Ken Haycock and Associates and in October 2013  Ken was appointed Chancellor-elect at Capilano University with his official duties beginning in June, 2014.

The Ken Haycock Award is for $300 and is intended to offset BC Library Conference expenses, encourage leadership and professional activity among students. BCLA will provide full basic conference registration for the award recipient.

Criteria for applicants:

  • Recipient will be a member of BCLA.
  • Recipient will be a BC resident enrolled in an ALA-accredited MLIS program at the time of the application.
  • Recipient will submit a statement of potential benefit from attending the conference and involvement with BCLA
  • Recipient will agree to contribute to the conference as a volunteer, as required.

Alice Bacon Continuing Education Scholarship

Named in honour of Alice Bacon who, for many years, both organized and lobbied for improved continuing education opportunities for librarians. It is awarded to individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend BCLA the annual conference due to limited funds. Awards vary in amount depending on the individual's need and funding available.

Please send an email to [email protected] by February 10th with the subject line Alice Bacon Continuing Education Award and outline what amount of support would make it possible for you to attend the conference. For example let us know that covering the cost of registration as well as perhaps travel costs and accommodation costs would be necessary for you to attend. If you can cover some of the costs, for example accommodation if you are in the Lower Mainland, let us know that as well. A few sentences about yourself and your role and aspirations in the library community would also be appreciated.

We look forward to hearing from those of you who may not have had an opportunity to attend many conferences in the past as well as from people who would like an opportunity to expand their professional education.

Harry Newsom Memorial Award

Established in memory of Harry Newsom, Director of the Cariboo Thompson Nicola Library, this prize is used to defray travel costs for individuals who otherwise would be unable to attend BC Library Conference due to limited funds. Awards vary in amount depending on the individual's need and the funding available.

Please submit a short letter explaining your travel needs and confirming that you can cover the registration costs of the conference by February 10th, 2014.

Please put “Harry Newsom Memorial Award” in the subject Line of the email and send to [email protected] . We will contact successful applicants as soon as possible after February 10th and before Early Bird Registration closes.

Virginia Chisholm Memorial Award

BCLA is looking for an appropriate candidate for the Virginia Chisholm Memorial Award. This award was established in memory of Virginia Chisholm and is intended to offset BC Library Conference expenses by providing $250 for a student from either Langara College or the University of the Fraser Valley’s Library Technicians Programs. As well as the $250 to offset expenses BCLA contributes a full basic conference registration.

Criteria for the Award:

  • Recipient must be a first or second year full-time or part-time student at the Langara College or University of the Fraser Valley Library Technician programs.
  • Recipient must submit a resume outlining demonstrated leadership ability, membership and contributions to associations, and a statement outlining their reasons for belonging to such associations.
  • Recipient must agree to contribute to the conference as a volunteer, with specific duties to be assigned.
  • Recipient must be a member of BCLA.

Applications must be received by February 10th.  Please note Virginia Chisholm Award Applicant in the subject line of the email and send to [email protected].

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