About BCLA

Our Mission

The purposes of the Association are to encourage library organization and development throughout British Columbia, to coordinate library services in various parts of the province, to create friendly and helpful cooperation between libraries, to maintain contact with similar organizations throughout Canada and elsewhere, and to advance by education, research, friendly association and through cooperative effort the mutual interest of all libraries and library personnel.

1936 BCLA Conference
courtesy of BC Archives

Who We Are

The British Columbia Library Association is a nonprofit, independent, voluntary association. Our more than 700 members include librarians, library personnel, library trustees and other interested individuals; corporate, government, school and academic libraries; publishers and library supply companies.

An elected Board of Directors governs the Association. The Association has two sections (YAACS and ALPS), in addition to several committees and interest groups that plan and implement ongoing programs and special projects.

What We Do
  • Initiate and coordinate projects to improve library services and information access in B.C.
  • Encourage continuing education for library staff through workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Prepare briefs togovernment on issues of concern to library personnel and others.
  • Publish the BCLA Browser, a quarterly online open-access newsletter of library news and information from around the province.
  • Organize the annual BC Library Conference, which serves as a major forum for the province's library community.
  • Sponsor scholarships and awards in library education.

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