Book Repair Workshop – Presented by Mandi Schwarz at the University of Northern British Columbia on January 30, 2012

At a LTAIG PG meeting in late 2011, a few LTAIGers expressed interest in learning about book repair.  Mandi Schwarz volunteered to present a workshop, and the Basic Book Repair for Beginners workshop was held on January 30, 2012 at UNBC.  The workshop covered:

-Tips and considerations before starting a repair

-An overview of required and recommended supplies

-A few basic repairs:

o   Torn and loose pages

o   Hinges

o   Covers

The workshop was recorded, as many people outside Prince George were interested in book repair.  A video was made of the entire workshop from start to finish, but it was also broken down in to smaller videos covering the separate topics.

Here are the documents referenced during the workshop:

Book Repair Workshop - Tips (PDF)                                                                      

Book Repair Workshop - Supplies (PDF)

Book Repair Workshop - Wings Template (PDF)


Book Repair Workshop (in its entirety)

This is the entirety of a Basic Book Repair for Beginners workshop presented by Mandi Schwarz.


Tips and Considerations

Mandi presents some helpful tips and considerations for anyone about to begin repairing a book.


Supplies List

Mandi reviews the supplies needed for book repair.


Torn and Loose Pages

Mandi demonstrates how to repair torn and loose pages.



Mandi demonstrates how to repair softcover and hardcover hinges.



Mandi demonstrates how to repair common damage to book covers and spines.


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